Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas this year. Makenna is at such a great age and it was so fun to watch her open her gifts and get so excited about her new things. We spent Christmas Eve with my family and then headed to Gig Harbor for Christmas day. Here are pictures and a link to a video from our Christmas!
Christmas with the Rhodes Clan
Playing in her new chair from great Grandpa Pinky. She thinks this an awesome chair and we do to!
Coloring in her new book. She also got a body pillow and blanket from them. She got to open it a couple days early when my nieces and nephew opened theirs. Her pillow is winnie the pooh themed and it would be an understatement to say she loves it!
Christmas Morning with the Sabin's
Santa brought her the best kind of puppy. One that can move his head, bark, and give loves but won't use my carpet as his bathroom.
Tearing through gifts like a mad woman!
She got tons of dress up clothes from Grandma and Grandpa. She LOVES them! We have had a fashion show everyday since we have been home. I'll be sure to take more pictures to show the eclectic outfits she comes up with. Yesterday Nick captured her wearing super girl boots, a clown hat and two fairy wands.
A princess baby from Auntie Kristin and uncle Ryan!
Grandma and Grandpa also got her an adorable chest to put her new dress up clothes in. Nick's sister Amie painted the letters and the ladybug to make it personalized just for her!
The pictures of course only show a few things that she got for Christmas, our playroom now looks like a daycare blew up inside it with all of her new toys and gadgets. She is having so much fun playing and using her imagination! Thank you everyone who helped make this Christmas so wonderful for her!
HERE is a link to a video of her with her new puppy from Santa.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby Sabin #2 is a........

As you can see we had our ultrasound today and found out we will be blessed with another baby girl! She appears to be a very healthy and active little baby on the ultrasound. She has a similar profile to Makenna's ultrasounds. It will be interesting to see how much they will look alike. Of course it's never a 100% guarentee on the gender but we got a pretty good look between her legs and there was no outdoor plumbing that we could see. :o)
Here is a profile look of baby #2, right under her chin you can see three little lines that are fingers.
This is just almost a full body shot, her head on the right and the rest of her body towards the left.
On the left you can see her two legs and her left hand reaching for her foot.
You can see her two tiny feet straight on, and they are crossed. Too cute!
Nick and I are really excited! Makenna doesn't quite get it yet but she'll figure it out soon enough. We are feeling very, very blessed; two little girls! Should be fun!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

Yesterday our local children's activity museum hosted a breakfast with Santa. They had food, several craft activities for kids of all ages, plenty of fun things to do and a visitor from the North Pole. What could be better when your a kid? Makenna REALLY liked Santa from across the room but not at all on his lap! While waiting in line for her turn, she was very impatient and wanted nothing more than getting into the room with Santa. Once we got to the front, she wanted nothing to do with him except to get a candy cane. Maybe next year she'll like him more. At least the rest of event was fun for her. Here are couple of pictures from our morning with Santa!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First Snow of The Season

Today we got the first real snow of the season. It snowed about a week ago but it was melted by mid morning but today there was actually something to play in. We took full advantage of the snow and let Makenna play outside for while. She was in HEAVEN!! She loves being outside anyway but the snow made being outside even more fun! This was really the first time that she has been able to play in the snow and it was fun for Nick and I to watch her experience something new.
I also took a video of her Playing in the snow, it was to large to add to the blog so I posted it to youtube. Click HERE to view!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

This Little Sweetie Is...

Can you read Makenna's shirt?? If you can't, it says this little sweetie is a big sister to be!! It is true, Makenna is going to be a big sister!! I am 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow, which makes me due the first week of May. Now that I'm well out of the first trimester, I am finally ready to spill the beans to the world that I'm pregnant! Nick and I are so excited! We are hoping that this little baby will cooperate next month and show us if we will have another girl or our first boy. Either way we will be thrilled! Although, I have to admit I would love to re-use the copious amounts of girl clothes Makenna has but, it would be wonderful to have a boy to. I'm sure if we had a boy, he would accumulate the same amount of clothes as Makenna has thanks to Grandma's, Auntie's, Uncles and our amazing friends.
I am finally feeling so much better the past couple of weeks and I don't have constant nausea anymore. I have gone about 2 weeks with no nausea at all! Hooray! I'm hoping this pattern keeps up... knock on wood! I am still pretty tired but I imagine that I will be tired for the next 20+ years that I will have kids at home and probably even after their gone. Haha!
A lot of people that already know we are expecting have asked if it was easier to conceive this time than it was with Makenna (To read that saga click HERE) and that answer is YES! We weren't necessarily "trying" to conceive it just kind of happened. Yes I know what your thinking, do they know how that "kinda happens?" We never thought we would be able to conceive without fertility treatments so after I finished breast feeding Makenna we never prevented pregnancy and look what we got! A VERY welcomed surprise! Before we found out we were pregnant, Nick and I had been talking about when to have another baby and we were going to start trying with in the next few months. We knew that when we got pregnant it was all the Lords timing and this little person is obviously meant to join our family now!
Some of you know that before I was pregnant with Makenna I found out that I have antiphospholipid syndrome which caused me to miscarry with prior pregnancies. So with her pregnancy and now with every additional pregnancy I have, I need to give myself heparin (blood thinner) injections twice a day, take ridiculous amounts of folic acid and a baby aspirin everyday until I'm 36 weeks along to help prevent any other miscarriages from happening. Even though I do NOT like giving myself shots twice a day, I am so thankful there is medicine out there that can help me stay pregnant with my beautiful babies!
Makenna will be a little over two when this little one arrives and I'm hoping this will be good timing for her. She loves her baby dolls. She likes to feed them, give them loves and have them wrapped in blankets. She likes real babies to but hasn't had much experience with them. I think she will make a great big sister! I know the adjustment from one kiddo, to two won't be easy for her (or us) but I'm hoping for the best. As things continue along, I will keep you posted on progress of baby Sabin #2. :o)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Makenna's First Haircut!

Makenna's hair is very curly & fine and is still pretty short but it was getting so scraggly and tangled on her ends and she was growing a bit of a baby mullet so I knew that it was time for a trim. I still cut hair at home so I put my scissors to good use and gave Makenna, her first haircut. She was pretty excited to sit up in my hair chair and have her hair played with. She did really well for her first trim. It of course helped that we had a movie playing to help her sit still. I only trimmed the very ends to even her hair out and fix the mullet issue but it makes a world of difference! Her hair is much more manageable, and maybe having the icky ends off will encourage her hair to keep growing! I can only wish right?
Here are the after shots. Front:
Thank you Grandma Sherrie and Nana Carole for passing on your beautiful curls to this sweet little one!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Here in Ellensburg many of the downtown businesses participate in trick or treating. We met up with several of our friends and took all 6 of our kiddo's downtown for trick or treat. We had so much fun and loved being there with our friends even though we were FREEZING!!!
Makenna the bumble bee and Libby dressed as Jesse from toy story walking and "talking" together.
My Mom met us for a few minutes before heading home to get set up for her special trick or treaters!
In one of the businesses they had the place set up as a maze where princess Aurora and Maleficent met them at the end.
After we finished trick or treating downtown we went to my parents so Makenna could trick or treat there. Our friends also stopped by so their kids could get their special treats from my parents.
My dancing little bee!
Silly little bumble bee wearing Casen aka Woody's hat.
Trying to get a cute picture with three toddler's is almost impossible! Libby, Casen and Makenna.
Again, getting pictures with toddlers, not easy!! Jared the fireman, Carys the cupcake, Ally the princess, Makenna the bee and last but not least my Dad as Steve Rhodes.
Aren't they SO cute?
We then started to make our rounds to other grandma and grandpa's and of course auntie Tami's house. We got started late and didn't make it to Grandma and Grandpa Sabin's before Makenna crashed in the car. At least they got to see her in her costume a few days before.
Makenna and Tami (Madonna)
Scott (Captain Jack Sparrow), Makenna and Tami.
We love Great Gram Dorothy!
Playing games with Great Papa Pinky!
Makenna and GREAT Auntie Kara!! She didn't have her costume on anymore but she was dressed up as Olive Oil. I don't think of a better character for a tall, thin, dark haired girl to play!
We made a few other stops where I didn't get pictures (shame on me). Thank you to everyone who helped make Halloween so much fun for us this year!