Saturday, July 21, 2012


Makenna often asks to have Mailey snuggle in bed with her before she goes to sleep and I finally was smart enough to get a couple pictures. 

These little girls make my heart happy! <3

Sunday, July 15, 2012


The summer weather is finally here and now I am back to work. Lots of mixed emotions about having to go back to work but I'm glad that I get to go back to a job I love. I feel so blessed to be apart of the birth of so many little babies! My time off went by so fast after Mailey was born. I feel like it was much harder to go back to work this time because I knew what I would be missing out on. Here are some pictures of what we have been up to on my days off. 

This little lady is growing like a weed and is 3 months old already! Time seems to fly twice as fast with two kids! She is a pretty happy baby and has the most beautiful little smile! Such a sweet little blessing! 

Jammin it up!

Last weekend my mom, sister in law Carolyn, Alice and I made strawberry freezer jam. 
We made 180 pints jam in just about 3 hours. We worked like a well oiled machine! I was pretty proud of our efforts, not only is it delicious jam but we should all have enough for the year! 
Mailey was so good and slept the whole time we were making jam. She is a really good little baby! 
It was around 90 degrees that day which made for a perfect excuse to send all the kiddos outside to play in the water. Nick and Garrett did a great job keeping them in line so we could make jam. 

These 4 you pretty much had to pry out of the water! Cute little water babies! . 
Lunch time! From left to right Carys, Ally, Jared, Libby, Casen and Kenna
The little plastic pool sprung a leak at one point so Nick went to the store and found a bigger and better one for the kids.The kids were very excited

I made cupcakes for the kids to decorate. They thought that was pretty cool too! 
It was a great day! I think the cute sun-kissed babies would say that same! 

Weekend in the Harbor

A couple of weekends ago we took a trip to Gig Harbor to see Nick's family we had a lot of fun! Makenna LOVED playing with Amie and Taylor and being the princess at Grandma and grandpa's house. We killed a few birds with one stone that weekend as well. Nick had to take a few exams that were on the west side of the mountains and he was able to do them while we were there too. I'm happy to say that Nick is now a certified EMT and he has passed his firefighting physical test. He also now works as a reserve at our local fire department. That basically means he can cover shifts to fill in for the career guys, can work as needed and he gets paid! I am so proud of him! He has worked really hard the last 8 months or so and he is now one step closer to becoming a career firefighter! 

Taylor and Kenna playing. He is so patient and sweet with her. She loves that he will do whatever she asks! 
Amie, Makenna and Taylor watching dumbo :o)
We took a family picture to send to Nick's brother Brook who is in Rio De Janeiro serving a mission to wish him a happy birthday. Kristin and Ryan couldn't make it so we drew their faces on paper plates. Lol! Me, Kenna, Amie, {Ryan}, Taylor {Kristin}, Larry, Sherrie, Mailey and Nick.  
Sherrie found this bed tent for Makenna. She LOVED it! 

We also made a trip to the zoo! Here are a few shots from our day there. 

Thank you for a wonderful weekend! We love you guys!