Thursday, August 27, 2009

I would die for that

I was sorting through old emails today and found this video my mom sent me when Nick and I were right in the middle of our fertility struggles. Get your kleenex ready ladies! You may need them.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

News News News!

So first of all, I got a new job! I will now be working at the local hospital in the family birthing center also known as the OB department as a nurses aid and my official start date is tomorrow! I am so excited! I can't imagine a better place for me to work! Not only do I get to work with an amazing team of women and Dr's but I get to take care of cute new babies. How bad can that be right? My job will be cleaning up the babies when they are first born, drawing their blood, resuscitation if necessary, giving them their first bath and making sure the babies are in good health before the go back to their mama's. So all of you ladies having babies in Ellensburg soon, I just might get to be the one taking care of your sweet new baby!
In other news, I am now 18 weeks pregnant! Can you believe it? We are almost halfway there! Here is the latest picture of my lovely ever growing baby belly.
I had a Dr's appointment yesterday and everything still looks and sounds great! We got to hear the heartbeat again. Which is always reassuring, I still have my freak out moments every once in a while and that definitely calms my nerves. We are getting very anxious to know the sex of our baby. Only two more weeks! Sept 10th is the is the big day, that's if the little bambino decides for show off it's parts. We should have a good pep-talk with the kid before then, maybe that will work. :o)
So in honor of that momentous occasion that will hopefully be happening I added a poll to the side bar on the blog. Please vote on what you think our little one will be before September 10th. I would love to see what everyone's guesses are.
Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. 4 years flies by fast when you're having fun!! Last year on our blog I told our story. So if you didn't get to read it last year, please do! I'm not sure what we are going to do tomorrow but something fun I'm sure. I'll let you know all about our date after tomorrow.
Don't forget to vote!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

16 weeks and counting!

In the last 3 weeks since my last blog we have had many things happen! First of all, we've moved! Our new place feels smaller than we thought it would, and it we really miss our old apartment but I'm sure we will quickly get used to it and saving $400.00 a month on rent will make it worth it. The move went really well and fast! Mitch had several of his friends come and help us. The only bad thing about having several 20 something guys help us it that they just hauled and dropped so we had a quite a mess to sort through but we can't complain! They were a huge help!
Just a couple days after we moved we went to visit Nick's family for the weekend. We had so much fun! We wish we could have stayed longer though. While we were there we celebrated Nick's dad Larry's birthday. I beautified everyone of course and well, I must say the boys definitely needed it! I cut at least a two inches off of Brook and Taylor's hair, they both usually keep a nice, clean, SHORT haircut. They waited for me to visit before they got haircuts and it obviously had been waaay too long since I've seen them!
As of today I am 16 weeks or 4 months pregnant! I must say that things are going so much faster now that we have told everyone. I hope this pregnancy continues to go so quickly! Two weeks ago I had a regular OB appointment and everything is still going great! We heard the heartbeat for the first time which was amazing. Whenever we have a new milestone to reach I always get a little nervous that something bad will happen probably due to my prior pregnancy losses. Obviously I'm worried for nothing because things continue to go swimmingly, I just have to keep telling myself that.
At my doctors appointment, my Dr. gave me a 25 pound weight restriction. As of right now I am on leave from work because people weigh much more than 25 pounds. I'm still fighting the company I work for to put me on light duty but they aren't having it. I think its ridiculous that they won't honor a Dr's order but we'll see what they have to say later this week. As of right now I am looking for a new job because I'm afraid that things may not end in my favor and well we need as much money as we can get right now. If you hear of anything let me know!
Yesterday I felt the baby move for the first time. It was such a strange yet wonderful feeling! To know that my baby really is there brought me to tears. We were at my parents house at the time so we were able to share that special moment with them. They were both so excited! Now I can't wait until Nick can feel the baby move so he can feel more involved in things. I'm loving all the firsts of this pregnancy. Everything is just so special to me!
It is now that time again! More belly pictures! These were both taken today, one is a better picture of me but the other shows off the girth better! Hope you like them!

We are now counting down the days until September 10th, our BIG ultrasound is scheduled for that day. Hopefully our baby will cooperate and decide to show off its parts so we will know if we are having a baby boy or a baby girl! It will be so nice to be able to start shopping and narrow down names. We can't wait!