Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Fun Day At The Farm!

On Saturday we spent a fun family day at Remlinger Farms. It is a wonderful place for kiddo's of all ages and we had a BLAST!! Here are a few of the fun things we did at the farm!
Kenna sat on a big old tractor.
Drove a car!
Crawled through a straw maze.
She rode on a flying pumpkin. She had a HUGE smile the whole ride!
Played with tons of pumpkins. Check out those curls! They are my favorite!!
Played peek a boo with her Daddy.
Rode a pony. Which was her FAVORITE thing we did that day!! She kept reaching down to pet the pony and said "oooh", and "yike it" (like it) a lot!
Stuck our faces in a bunch picture things just because it was fun. Well to me anyway, Makenna's face says otherwise.
Starred in awe at many rides.
Rode on a train! Which she also loved!
My cute little green eyed girl!
She clapped at the end of the train ride! It was a hit!
Played in the animal barn.
and in a tepee.
Ran through the pumpkin patch and got very muddy and dirty which we didn't mind at all!
And then we found our way back to the car where a sleepy little Makenna took a nap. We will definitely go back soon! We had so much fun!