Monday, November 15, 2010

What happened to my tiny baby?

It's official ladies and gentleman, my baby is WALKING!!!! Makenna took her first steps tonight. I can't believe how fast my baby growing! I wish I could freeze her for just a little bit so I can have more time to enjoy her at every stage.
We have a walking baby now. So I guess, let the games begin!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Family Pictures

My brother Mitch took some family pictures for us the other day. Here are a few of our favorites.


I apologize for not updating in so long but we have been a bit busy. This is what we have been up to.
Makenna is 9 months already! She is growing and changing so much everyday. She bounced back from her little eye surgery like nothing ever happened. The day after she was a little out of sorts but the 2nd day after she was back to our busy little bug again. Makenna is such a busy, busy, busy girl! She crawls and walks along the furniture and gets into EVERYTHING!!
Our little girl has been quite the party animal lately, the first birthday she celebrated was my cousin Becca's little girl Dailey's birthday. She turned 4 and had a costume party.
Allyson turned 2! She was such a cute little birthday girl! I can't believe it has been two years already!
At Ally's party Great Papa Pinky feed Makenna, her first ice cream. He was so proud of himself for being naughty and giving her ice cream.
We took Makenna trick or treating for the first time. We only went a few places because she is to little for candy so we just took her out to show off her adorable lady bug costume.
We went to Great Grandma Dorothy's
Great Grandma Judy and Great Grandpa Pinky's house. Auntie Kara was there too!
Great Grandma Helen Gene and Great Grandpa Paul's place
Great Grandma Judy
November 1st my brother Aaron and his wife Carolyn welcomed another beautiful baby girl. They named her Carys Morgan.
Jared turned 4!!! It is so hard to believe that this cute little boy is 4 already! Where has the time gone??
Kenna loved getting to eat birthday cake 2 weeks in a row! As you can tell by the clapping, she loves cake!
She has a new toy, a push walker, the first couple times she used it she didn't have very good control so she kept falling and getting frustrated. It didn't take her long to figure it out and now she cruises all over my parents house. Pretty soon she will be taking off with nothing to help balance her. She is getting so big!
Hopefully I will have time to update more before she is ten months old. It seems I have only averaged 1 post per month since Makenna has been born. I will try to be better but I'm not making any promises! :o)