Thursday, January 26, 2012

Birthday Fun!

For Makenna's birthday Nick, myself and our Mom's took Makenna to build-a-bear. We had so much fun! We ate lunch before we went to build-a-bear. Because it was her birthday, they brought her a perfect kid size ice cream sundae and sang happy birthday to her. She loved being sung to, she giggled and smiled the whole time. I unfortunately didn't get my camera out fast enough to take a picture of them singing, but I got pictures of her enjoying her delicious sundae.
BIG bite!
Now BUZZED! This is also her new pose when you ask her to say cheese... fantastic!
Of all of the choices of animals Makenna had, she picked a monkey of all things. Nick's brothers both have build-a-bear monkey's, I'm sure it makes them proud that the monkey lives on!
Getting her Monkey stuffed and giving her a heart.
All stuffed! Just needs a quick stitch up the back to be ready.
Giving monkey a bath.
Getting her birth certificate ready, Nick was at the computer next to her but she wanted to be important to. Nick and I named the monkey Phoebe because Makenna was to busy doing other things to help us. She has since renamed her Cocoa. So Cocoa it is!
All done!
The pose comes out again! Silly girl!
Makenna also discovered the fun of an escalator yesterday. She made Nick take her up and down a billion times.
Thank you Grandma Sherrie and Nana Carole for a fun day in Bellevue!
I have a feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!
I also made a jello cake for Makenna's birthday treat that we enjoyed with her last night. We sang happy birthday one last time. I guess you can't sing or say that enough to someone on their special day!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Makenna!

Two years ago today at 10:12pm our beautiful baby girl was born.
We became a family of three,
And I became a mommy for the first time.
Our tiny 7 lbs 2 oz baby started to grow and in a blink of an eye,
She turned ONE!
I blinked a second time and today she is TWO!
The last two years haven't always been easy but they have been the best of my life. I wouldn't trade this beautiful girl for anything! I love you Makenna Grace! Happy Birthday my sweet angel girl!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Party Time!

Makenna is turning two on Wednesday and we had a big party for her today! She LOVES Winnie the pooh, so we had a Winnie the Pooh themed party for her. Everything was pooh themed including the food. Here are pictures from her fabulous party today!
At the party we had:
Lots of yummy food including, Eeyore's rainy day meatballs, piglet's in a blanket, Roo's Kanga pouches,
Tigger tails, Rabbit's veggie patch, Christopher Robin's pink salad, Gopher dirt with Owl's book worms, Pooh's honey pot and delicious cake!
The kids agreed that the food was yummy!
They also ran around and played,
We played games like pin the tail on Eeyore.
I made a beehive pinata. The kids loved it! It was well worth my all of my time, effort and frustration as I watched the smiles on their faces as they hit it with all of their might. We had them hit it in order of age so they would all have a chance to hit it before it broke open. They actually all got to have two turns before Jared successfully broke it.
Chloe's turn.
and Jared.
Diving for the loot!
We sang happy birthday,
Blew out candles.
Ate the delicious cake.
Opened presents. Makenna even had many little helpers opening her gifts.
We gave the kids adorable gifts which also served as center pieces on the "adult" tables. I painted the hunny pots, and filled them with Winnie the Pooh puzzles, bubbles, playdough, stickers, and a bag of gummy bears with a little note that read "a BEARY special thank you for coming to my party love, Makenna." They also all got to take a home a balloon.
We also had a LOT of fun! It was great watching the kids play and have fun together. Thank you to everyone that was able to come to the party today! We loved having you there and we appreciate your love and friendship to us!