Thursday, April 26, 2012

Busy Weekend!

Last weekend was a little crazy but fun none the less. Mailey's umbilical cord stump fell off when she was about a week and half old, and she got to have her first soak in the tub kind of bath. She loved it! Mailey also was back to her birth weight by her two week birthday and even passed it by 3 ounces! She had lost so much weight initially, she dropped from 6lbs 5oz to 5lbs 11oz and I was really worried about her gaining weight back fast enough. I was so happy when she made it back to her birth weight and is now growing like a weed! I weighed her yesterday and she was 6lbs 12oz and has also grown an inch in two and a half weeks! 
Mailey spent most of her weekend getting to know many important people in her life. Thursday Alice, Libby and Casen joined us for a visit. 
 Sunday she met Great Grandma Dorothy (Gram) for the first time. Gram has been out of town since she was born and got to meet her when she was two weeks old! 

 Saturday, she also got to meet her cousin's Ally, 

 Jared and Carys too. Carys wasn't interested in pictures. She was more interested in playing with Makenna. 

We watched Jared's t-ball game in 80 degree weather. It was beautiful out and the game was so fun! Jared provides some great comedic relief! I didn't get to watch the whole game because my mom, the girls and I went to a baby shower, but I can't wait to watch a whole game soon. It should be pretty entertaining! Hopefully we'll get more days with good weather! 
 Mailey spent pretty much the whole weekend in someones arms. It must be a hard life being passed around and sleeping all day! 
 Makenna was Papa's big helper with yard work and in the garden after the game. She LOVES helping my dad and being outside so it is a win, win to get to do both together. My dad had fun too! He had opened a package of seeds and sprinkled them around in the garden while she watched. Well, he left another package in Makenna's reach and when he wasn't looking she had ripped a package of radish seeds and dumped them all over the yard. LOL! It should be interesting to see what happens to their yard this summer. 
 Watering the garden! Whenever Makenna works outside with my dad she asks to wear a hat like him to. It is really funny to see her toddler sized head in an adult sized hat. 

After yard work was finished, she was rewarded with Bubbles and the first BBQ of the season! 

 Sunday was another gorgeous day and we spent most of our afternoon playing outside in my parents yard! My parents have accumulated a bunch of awesome outside toys and they have a fenced yard so if we want to be outside, I like to take Makenna there to play. I know she will have fun and be safe there.  

We also finished pictures for Mailey's birth announcement with these two beautiful pictures of our girls! Keep a look out in the mail for one coming your way hopefully soon! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Nick!

Friday the 13th we celebrated Nick's Birthday! He might get mad at me for sharing but he turned the big 3-0 this year! Even though we had a brand new baby I still wanted to do something fun for his big day. We kept it pretty low key and went out to dinner and later had ice cream cake for his big day. My parents and brother Mitch came to join us. Sadly our other family members in town couldn't make it but we had fun none the less!
Thank you for all of the hard work you do for me and our beautiful girls! I couldn't do it without you! You have been my rock through so many things, especially the last 8 weeks. You are a good man and I am so lucky that I get to call you my husband! I love you!
When we got home from dinner Makenna wanted to hold "her" baby. She is doing a great job being a big sister. She really loves Mailey and always wants to be where she is. I love seeing the two of them together. I hope they will always be great friends!
That afternoon we also took a few newborn photo's of our little angel. Here are my favorites so far. :o)

Mailey Part 2

Our next couple of days in the hospital were mostly spent with visitors and family and getting to know our sweet Mailey.
Makenna decided she needed a binky because baby Mailey had one. Silly girl! We have had to remind her the last few times she puts a binky in her mouth that those are for babies not big girls and she will quickly spit it out.
Mailey got to meet many important people in her life, like Auntie Tami. Tami and I have been great friends since we were in middle school.
Loving on Nana!
Makenna playing with her big sister present. She got a toy camera, big sister t-shirt and pj's and a book all about being a big sister. She was mostly excited about her camera.
Beautiful baby girl!
Saturday morning she got to have all of the monitors taken off so she was able to get her footprints done.
Meeting Uncle Aaron
and Auntie Carolyn.
Easter Sunday morning she got her IV taken out and got to have her first soaking bath.
She loved it!
Big sister arrived after church in her beautiful Easter duds compliments of Uncle Mitchie.
Mailey got her going home outfit on. She is so tiny that even her preemie sized outfit was loose on her tiny little body.
Hi Mitchie!
Meeting Great Grandma Helen Gene
Bright eyes!
Nurse Kenna had to take a listen with Christi. She was so funny! Everything that the nurses did she had to do to!
Giving sister loves! I love my little girlies!
Sunday afternoon we were discharged to go home. Our visit was much shorter than expected but it was a pleasant surprise non the less. After spending 4 weeks in a hospital I was happy to get to go back home to my own bed.
Mailey and I went home and enjoyed a quiet afternoon nap together while Nick & Makenna went to my parents for Easter dinner and and for an egg hunt. It's a lot of work to get 4 kids, ages 5,3,2,and 1 to sit still for a picture. Mitchell is such a good uncle. As his Easter present to the kids he got their Easter outfits. The girls looked so pretty and Jared so handsome!
In addition to these pictures I got to see a video of Makenna doing the egg hunt. It was so cute! I'm sad I missed it but at the same time I was really really happy to have a nap!
"Where's an egg?"
"There's a egg!"
She didn't realize the eggs were full of candy until the egg hunt was almost over. Nick said she was SO excited when she realized she got treats too!
After the egg hunt was over the kids blew off some energy playing in the back yard.
While Makenna was gone to the egg hunt, the Easter bunny came to our house. She was so excited that she got a tricycle and a helmet from the Easter bunny!
It was certainly a busy couple of days but filled with lots of joy and love for each other. We are so thankful that our little Mailey joined our family safely. We could have lost her so many times and Heavenly Father watched over her and protected her and we will forever be grateful that God granted this sweet little miracle to us!