Saturday, August 6, 2011

Water Park Fun!

Yesterday our friends Alice and Brian invited us to the water park in Moses Lake with them and their twin's Casen and Libby. We loved being outside enjoying the sun, the water and GREAT friends! It was such a fun day!
Makenna loved everything about the park. She is such a water baby. Maybe it is time for swim lessons?
Casen thought this was the coolest place ever!
Libby had a blast to! She LOVED the slides!
Thanks again for the fun day! We will have to do it again soon! We love you guys!


This is the mess we used to call Makenna's play room. To say it was in need of a makeover is an understatement!
This rubbermaid container that doubled as a toy box was about to be the death of me. Makenna liked to use it has a hiding spot, for things like mine and Nick's cell phones and it was close to impossible to find anything that may have disappeared into it.
The other day I decided I had enough and did a makeover to make this room to make it a fun, enjoyable and organized place for Makenna to play. Her toys now go into the book shelf drawers. She has a basket for her books and there are now pictures on the wall. Considering our small budget I think the play room turned out fantastic!
One of Makenna's favorite things in this room is the full length mirror and her basket of dress up things in front of it.
Makenna liked her new play room so much that she showed off her dance moves in front of the mirror for me. LOL!
I'm loving that she is enjoying her play room as much as I do, it is so much better!

Kid's Gig

A couple of weeks ago we went to Gig Harbor and Nick's family took us to a fabulous park. We had so much fun! Here are pictures from our fun evening at Kid's Gig!
Thanks for the fun time Grandma and Grandpa! I had a blast! Love, Makenna