Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So I realized looking at all of your blogs lately that I haven't updated mine in 6 weeks! What a slacker right? So this is what we have been up to in the past 6 weeks.
Nick started another new job. He is now working for the Kittitas County Housing Authority doing maintenance for the summer. It is a huge blessing that he was able to find a job that had more consistent hours (40/wk compared to maybe 15) and better pay.
My job is going good. I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting into a routine and getting the hang of things. I have been really enjoying getting off so early in the day so I have the whole afternoon and evening to do things. I however am not enjoying starting work at 6am!
Nick has been riding his dirt bike a lot.
I had a birthday. The big 2-3! My parents took me out to dinner at El Caporal, and I got to wear this awesome sombrero in order to get my fried ice cream, soooo worth it!
We both read the entire twilight series. SOOOO good!
Kristl's getting married next week, and I threw her a bachelorette party/lingerie shower a few days ago. It was a complete surprise to her, and we had so much fun! I kept it pretty small, my Mom, and Kara were there (Kristl's sisters) and our good friends Sara and Alice. Sadly Sara's sweet baby girl Avery wasn't able to make it because she had a fever but Alice brought her newborn twins, Elizabeth and Casen. It was so nice of her to share them with us, they are so stinkin cute!
Here we are from left to right Kristl, Sara, Elizabeth, Alice, Mom, Me, Kara and Casen.
I think Kristl now has enough lingerie to have something new to wear everyday on their honeymoon.
We FINALLY got our settlement from Nick's car accident last September! We have been fighting and fighting and fighting with the stupid insurance company for months now and finally got it settled. Hooray! So yesterday I went to Yakima for a MUCH needed Costco run, so now we have a full refrigerator and freezer and are stocked for the next who knows how long on toilet paper, kleenex, paper towels and cleaning supplies.
While I was in Yakima yesterday I got new tires put on the car. Let me tell you, that was such a pain in the butt! All of the places here in Ellensburg charge an arm and a leg for tires so that was out of the question. Little did I know, the standard tires for our SUV are an odd size so no one carries them in stock. Costco said it would take 3-5 business days to get the tires in, Wal Mart the same, and several other tire places, the same. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, but we are leaving to go to Salt Lake City, on Tuesday for Kristl's wedding and NOBODY could guarantee that they could have the tires in before then. So I drove all over tarnation to find the right size tires in stock and finally after almost 2 hours of searching low and behold I found some tires. I wasn't super thrilled about the first quote they gave me so I complained a little about the price, and well sometimes it pays to complain. They gave me the Costco price for the tires and saved me over $100.
Like I mentioned a little earlier in the post, we are leave to go to Utah next Tuesday for Kristl's wedding. We are so excited for her and Aaron! I love seeing Kristl so happy and in love. While we are down there we will get to see quite a few people in Nick's family. We will see his Grandma on his Mom's side, his Aunt's Julie and Debbie and multiple cousins. We can't wait to see them. It has been far too long! So my next post will be all about our trip. Hopefully it won't take me 6 weeks to post about it.