Sunday, September 29, 2013

Preschool, Soccer, and FALL!

So many fun things have been going on in the Sabin household this month. First of all, my sweet Makenna started preschool! Where has the time gone? She's gets smarter and cuter everyday! I'm finding three to be a really great age! 

Here she is on the first day of school! Her pose cracks me up!
She's so excited!!!
  Yes, I cried... just a little after we dropped her off. 
 As the days go by the less time she wants us to spend in her classroom while she gets situated. She kept asking me the other day "You go home now?" Hmmm... Feel the love! As sad as it makes me that she doesn't want me to linger a little longer I am grateful that she is loving school and she is ready to let me go. 
The treasures she made :o)
 I love this cheesy little grin! 
 And this little cheesy grin... and their afro's! 
 Kenna started tiny tots soccer! She loves it! 

 blurry action shot

 Cute girl! 
 It was the CUTEST thing to see lots of little butterfly hats leaving school the other day! They all looked so cute! One of her teachers told me that when she put her hat on Makenna said "look at me, I'm a beautiful butterfly!" and proceeded to dance around the room. Made me smile for sure! 
 We went to the fall festival downtown yesterday. It was a great time! It was fun to watch Mailey participate in the activies as well this year. 
Pumpkin painting!

 Making hand puppets. Makenna is getting quite good with scissors. 
 Straw maze

 Daddy and Mailey
 Makenna and Mommy
 Pony rides! 
 She seemed to really like it but she was so serious! 
 Driving the fire truck

 Playing in the ambulance
 Our little soccer star nephew! He's even missing a tooth :o)
 Cute, mischievous little bug! It's hard to be mad at this face when she's being naughty 
I am loving the cooler weather! Bring on the pumpkins, sweaters, comfort food, apple cider, and fall colors! I love the fall! 

PS. Have I mentioned that I LOVE being a mom to my beautiful, sassy, smart, funny, goofy, curly haired, lovable little girls? If not, just know that I do! 

Playing catch up... AKA Picture OVERLOAD!

It's been a long time, a really LONG time since I have updated my blog! Infact it's been since Mailey's birthday in April... Since it is almost October I believe I'm a little past due for an update. Here is a glimpse of our summer in picture form.  

My very handsome husband graduated from CWU! I couldn't have been more proud that day! It's been a very long, hard and expensive 8 years to get that four year degree. We had a big party and he really enjoyed his well deserved graduation day! 

 As we weather got nicer we spent lots of time at the local parks. Look at how little she is! Just wait until you see her pictures towards the end of the summer! She grew lots and lots! 
 So did she! 
 Makenna had a preschool open house in June. She was SO excited to go! 
We spent a lot of time with our cousins Finn and Kai (Kristl's kids) who got to come home for the summer. 

 These two became very best friends! They ask about each other and facetime everyday! 
 We love the new park that is really close to our house!

 We danced in the rain! 

 She kept growing! 
 We had LOTS of pool parties. I loved watching these chubby little thighs and buns run away from me. 
Perfect Combo

 Kenna and Finny... being 3.
 We said goodbye to our sweet baby Kai and Finny with giant sparklers, lots of hugs and lots of tears too! Pennsylvania is too far away! 

 Still growing!! Make her stop!

 We went camping in Westport, WA
And we played on the beach! 

 We had the BEST time! 
 We welcomed home our favorite missionary! 
 The whole Sabin clan is back together again!
 We went to the labor day parade. We love auntie Kara! 

 I love my beautiful growing girls! 
Next post... September!