Monday, September 24, 2012

Crazy, Fun Weekend!

I'm sorry that I haven't blogged in a while. We've been a bit busy! To start I'll catch up from our weekend get away from the middle of August. We were just going to go to our family reunion in Port Angeles but then decided to tag along with my parents vacation and stretch our time out a little bit longer! 

The girls had their first ferry ride, Mailey ate the whole time and Makenna ran to the front of the ferry and spent the whole ride there. She loved it!

We saw a couple of cruise ships on our short ride. It was pretty cool to see! 

The first night we spent in Port Angeles. Makenna thought being in a hotel was pretty cool! 

The next day was my mom's birthday. Before going to the reunion festivities us "kids" took off by ourselves a bit to explore and to go make my mom's birthday gifts. Mitch found this awesome place called Aglazing Art Studio. We each picked out something to make for my mom. We chose a picture frame that Makenna painted. Mitch a bowl and Garrett a little bear. Makenna had so much fun! 

best part about the art studio is that they fired the pottery and then mailed it to our house for us! I forgot to take pictures during the reunion so there aren't any to see. After the reunion we made the long drive to Ocean Shores but made a pit stop in Forks to visit a couple of our friends. Greg and Amanda recently moved there. They were so sweet to let us stop by and Amanda made some AMAZING treats! I was so happy to see them! Here is Greg and Mailey.

Makenna and Amanda

Thank you again for letting us stop by! We loved seeing you guys! 
We made it to ocean shores late in the evening on Saturday and first thing Sunday we headed to the beach and spent most of the day there! 
Mitch and Makenna! 

Makenna LOVED the ocean, she still talks about it! The second she saw the water she asked to wear her swim suit and had no fear!!! It was a little scary for us at times! It's a good thing we brought her life jacket! It was beautiful and sunny but only around 70 degrees. Kenna would come out of the water shivering but would ask to go back in the water. Silly girl! 

Makenna learned how to fly her first kite which according to her wasn't nearly as much fun as the water!

Mailey really didn't care for the wind on the beach or the sunlight so she was kind of miserable the whole time. Poor kid! She'll have more fun next year!

Kenna helped Garrett build a sand castle.


Family picture at the beach.

The crew!

After the beach we went exploring around town and ended up at the family fun center for a while.

My dad went a little crazy collecting tickets. We ended up with almost 900 of them!

Makenna's loot from her tickets! 

After the arcade we ate a delicious dinner and dessert to celebrate my mom's birthday. Then Nick, the kids and I made our long drive home and my parents continued their vacation making their way down the coast. Thank you mom and dad so much for letting us tag along for the weekend! We had so much fun! It was a lot of driving but mostly a lot of fun! Can't wait to do it again next year!