Friday, February 25, 2011

This girl is so fun!

Makenna in the span of about two weeks has mastered the tasks of waving, walking, turning, bending over to pick things up without falling, and running. She also is working very hard on her vocabulary. She says Hi, Hey, Woah, Uh Oh, Dada, and book. I think there are a few others that I can't think of right now.
Makenna showing off her wave.
Lounging in her special chair. One of her favorite places to be. However she only sits on it when she's tired. She is usually standing or climbing on it. Which more often than not ends in a tumble of some sort.
I forgot to mention that my little beauty is 13 months old today. She is getting so big so fast!
Running all over the place!
She actually kept a band on her hair for a few minutes today. Long enough to take a few pictures at least. I love this picture. It captures her smiley, and playful personality.
Remember that blonde curly hair I mentioned in the last post? Well here it is!
I love watching her walk. Its amazing how quickly she mastered the art. One day she was walking around well, but she was using the wall or furniture to balance. The next day she used absolutely no assistance for balance. Nick and I now have to be careful when we're walking around because we have a shadow that we knock down on accident when we turn or stop to quickly.
Say cheeeeeeze!
She is so funny and makes us laugh everyday with the silly and cute things she does. She loves us to read her books and play music for her. She even shakes her cute little booty for us. Other than the limp noodle, fall to the ground kind of meltdowns she has every once in a while, she is such a happy, playful, silly girl. We couldn't be more in love with her!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Life with a one year old

We have been running crazy the past couple of weeks but we managed to snap a few pictures in of our cute girl. A week or two ago I was feeding Makenna her breakfast, got up to answer my phone and evidently I left her yogurt to close to her and this is the mess that happened.
Who needs a spoon when you can drink your yogurt?
Ignore the bruise on her head, it wasn't the first and wont be the last. Walking sure isn't for wussies.
We went to visit Nick's family two weeks in a row. It was great to see everyone. Makenna loves being the center of attention there.
She loved her bath in Grandma Sherries huge jetted tub.
The fridge was open at their house while the kids were putting grocery's away. Makenna thought it would be a big help to steal the apples.
Bossing people around. Nothing new there!
She played the harmonica with Auntie Amie.
These pictures are from Valentines day. Isn't her dress cute? These next two pictures pretty much sum up what she is all about lately. Running around all over the place!! If it showed her getting into things as well, they would be the perfect pictures to describe my baby girl!
Kenna is getting so big and so much fun! She is generally such a happy little girl. She amazes me everyday with how smart she is. She loves "reading" books and being read to, walking everywhere, her doll/blanket and bath time and bossing everyone around! Having a one year old is so fun!
P.S. Did you notice in the pictures that the hair fairy has finally came to visit? Makenna finally has hair. It is fine, blond and curly and far from me being able to do anything with it but I couldn't be more excited! I get a better picture of the hair soon. :o)