Sunday, December 27, 2009

So long! Farewell! Auf wiedersehen! Goodbye!

Peace out heparin shots! Now that I am 36 weeks I no longer have to give myself shots twice a day! Yippee! If you remember this post , you would know that I have had to give myself shots to counter act my antiphospholipid syndrome that has caused my previous miscarriages. I started taking these shots at about 5 weeks so in the past 31 weeks I have given myself roughly 434 shots! Now that's a LOT of poking, bruising, and alcohol wipes! I won't be missing them, although I am SO grateful that I have had the heparin shots other wise I would most certainly not be this far along! These shots have been part of my routine for so long that I wasn't sure what to do with my extra few minutes this morning when I didn't have to give my injection. So heparin, we will meet again but until next time, so long! Farewell! Auf wiedersehen! GOODBYE!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Do I Look Pregnant Yet?

I am certainly feeling pregnant these days! 34 weeks down and only a few more to go. I can't believe I'm due NEXT month already! Other than being really tired and rather uncomfortable I have been feeling great! I'm still working my three 12 hour shifts at the hospital which has been getting much harder, but luckily I haven't had much to do on my days off so I can get some much needed R&R. As long as my Dr will let me I am planning on working until the end so I can spend my full maternity leave with our sweet baby girl but we'll have to see how things continue to go. As of my last Dr appointment, my blood pressure was great, and I have lost a total of 7 lbs during my pregnancy. You read that right ladies, and yes, its ok to hate me! I have not gained one pound over my pre-pregnancy weight in fact I have LOST weight. I actually lost 9 lbs and gained 2 so I'm still down 7 lbs. Maybe I should go on the pregnancy diet more often!
In preparation for the big day we have been working very hard getting the nursery ready. Her bedroom has basically been a really big storage space for us since we moved into our place in August so its been a feat to get it cleaned out. We still have a few things to get but we are just about ready. I will post pictures when the nursery is all finished! I have definitely been feeling the nesting bug lately. Her clothes are washed and some are hung up in her closet and now thanks to Nick's awesome assembling skills, she also has clothes in her dresser!
Not bad for a $180 Wal Mart special if you ask me!
I have been making a list of things that we still need for the nursery and I would love some in-put from all of my lovely readers. I want to know what are things that you;
1. Didn't think about or forgot to get before baby came?
2. You could NOT live without?
3. You could live without?
4. Any luxuries you recommend?
5. Any other advise for us first timers?
Can't wait to read your answers! Thanks for all of your help!