Saturday, April 19, 2008

First Real Blog

So this is my first real blog not just picture posting so I guess I will just give a little update on our lives.

Nick's schooling is going really well, he has a busy schedule this quarter but this is his last quarter before his internship. Nick is really excited for his internship. He will be working for Absher Construction in Puyallup from June until the end of December. Nick will be staying with his sister Kristin and her Hubby Ryan and sadly I'm not going with him. I am really excited that he gets to have this experience but at the same time I'm not looking forward to only getting to see him on the weekends. My brother Mitch has offered to stay with me but we'll see.

I'm am working alot and I love it when the weekends come! When you are working fulltime it gives the weekends a whole new meaning. It has really made me cherish the time that I get to spend with Nick and my family. Last weekend was Nick's birthday so here are some birthday bash photos.

For Nick's birthday I took him mini golfing to prefunk him for the Golf PS3 game I got him!
We have a regular Tiger Woods on our hands!!

Happy Birthday!

Silly Boys!

Cute Pic!

Its a Human Totum Pole!!! (look at Nick's Face! LOL)

We are so Weird!!!

We had so much fun. I hope that Nick had a great day!

Easter Fun

So, I know that Easter was a while ago but we had such a fun day and I wanted to share it with all of you. Nick and I went to my parents house for dinner, all of my brothers were there, as well as my Grandparents on both sides of my family, and our good friends Cindy & Jason and their 4 adorable kids came as well. Needless to say it was a packed house!

From left to right: Paul, Jared and Emma, easter egg hunting

Emma and Paul.

He was kind of unsure at first but he got the hand of it pretty darn quick!
Papa Steve, Carolyn and Pea (one of the many nic-names we have for my adorable nephew!)
Nick and Ben

I'm off to the races!

Auntie Kristl is so weird!

but she is so funny!
This is my additude face!
Kissin' Great Grandma Dorthy, priceless
Pretty Girl


I hope you enjoyed my pictures.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Every Sunday Nick and I go to my parents for Family Night. All of my brothers come and sometimes Kristl comes as well. Our family nights usually consist of games, goofing off, and watching extreme home make-over. Many of my posts and pictures will probably be from Family Night. So here are some goofy family night pictures!

I love this little boy!

Holy Flexible Baby! LOL!

Cute Boy!

I LOVE this picture! They're making the same face! Classic!

Pooped Out! Sleepin with Grandma Carole