Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family Photo's

Happy 6 month birthday to my beautiful baby girl! She is growing way to fast! We took some family photo's today in honor of the special occasion. I think they turned out great!
Nick and I... still in love after (almost) 5 years of marriage!
Flying baby!
Smooches from Daddy!
This one makes me smile.
Just the girls.
Matching toes.
The whole family.
My Favorite!
P.S. there are THREE that's right THREE new blogs below this one so check them out to! I'm on a roll today! GO ME!

Pool Party

Yesterday the weather was 100+ degrees so my parents threw a pool party for the grandbabies. Makenna didn't care too much for the water so instead she lounged in her chair like she was the queen.
You would think she's sunbathed before, she looks like a pro These two however couldn't stay out of the water, I think their faces say it all!
Thanks Nana and Papa for giving your babies and memorible and fun day!

Makenna's Chair

My wonderful 'beta aunt" Debbie made this chair for Makenna. Now that she can sit up by herself we have been letting her sit in her chair and she thinks that she is the coolest baby ever! Since she liked it so much we thought it would make a great setting for some photo's. I'll let you be the judge but I think they turned out pretty dang cute!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th of July Weekend

Happy 4th of July from my Star-spangled beauty!
This years 4th of July was a nice relaxing day, the wind was blowing 900 miles an hour so we spent most of our day inside but we did enjoy a great BBQ.
Makenna and Finn had matching 4th of July outfits and both looked super cute! I love this picture of them together, her cheese-ball goofy grin and his Mr. unamused face make for a hysterical contrast!
Finn didn't really care or know what to think about Makenna but she thought it was fun to play with him. She was even telling him secrets. :o)
This is what happens when Nana gets her ready for bed. Toga time!!
July 5th brought the Sabin Family reunion. We had a great time! Grandma Helen Gene put together a great game of bingo that everyone got to be apart of.
Even the kiddos
The swimming pool at Craig and Vicki's is always a hit, it was a great thing to have that day, it was HOT! Look at those cuties, Kate and Carter.
Makenna went swimming for this first time.
She wasn't to sure what to think of it. Check out that pouty lip.
She did have fun with Auntie Amie though.
We ended the night with beautiful fireworks! Can't wait for next year!