Sunday, April 7, 2013

1st Birthday Party Bash!

Yesterday was my sweet baby's first birthday and we had a party! We kept it pretty simple and had a great time! 
Owl cake! Thank you pinterest for the inspiration.

 My little birthday babe! 
 Showing off her new walking skills! 
 Singing happy birthday

 Blowing out the candles, with a lot of help of course! 
 Inspecting the cupcake. Not sure what to think just yet. 
 Hmmm this is tasty

 This is really tasty! 

 The end mess of her mostly devoured cupcake. 
After a quick bath we opened her presents. 

 She got so many great things! She got a little red wagon, clothes, books, big girl sippy cups, shoes, and lots of fun toys! Playing with her loot. 
 Playing with her new toy we got her. Kenna likes it too! 
 Playing with Grandma. 
My beautiful 1 year old! 
 I had the pleasure of ending her birthday the same way I did last year. Snuggling with her asleep on my chest. I love this snuggly, sweet baby! 

Memorial Service

Last April my Dad's brother Dennis passed away. Our family decided to wait to have a memorial service for him until my Aunt Tammy could come visit from Hawaii. Yesterday my Dad and my brothers preformed a very nice grave site service for him. He didn't have a family so everything was planned by my Grandma, my dad and his siblings and they did a great job. 

 After the service my Aunts and Mom made a really nice lunch for everyone. It was a great chance to get some family pictures. All of the great grandkids had a blast playing together. All 8 of the great grandkids were there. From left to right: Jared (6), Makenna (3), Carys (2), Allyson (4), Mailey (1), Skylee (4), Addi (3), Dailey (6). It was nearly impossible to get a picture where 8 kiddos ages 6 and under were all looking at the camera but we tried really hard. Lol! 

 Silly Faces! 
 My Dad, Gram, and my Aunts, Vicki, Tammy and Shelley
 My beautiful cousins and their girls left to right: Dailey, Rachel, Addi, Gram, Becca, and Skylee 
 Rachel, Gram, and Becca
 Becca's Family with Gram
 My family :o)
 My Gram and her Brother Chuck 
 Uncle Chuck, Gram and Sandy
 Mom, Gram and Dad
 Aunt Tammy and Gram 
 The granddaughters (minus two)
 The kids were crazy and had so much fun playing together. This hallway is where they spent most of their time. 
 The grandkids and great grandkids. We're missing several grandkids but at least we got one with who was there. 
 GW, Dad, Gram, Mom, Me and Mailey
 My new favorite picture. My Dad and Grandma. 
Even though the circumstances weren't ideal, it was a lot of fun to be together again! 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Mailey Anne!!

 Somehow my sweet 6 lbs 5 oz, 17 inch tiny baby girl is now a year old! I feel like I blinked and a year went by. I cherish every minute with my beautiful little girls, and I'm going to really try to stop blinking!  

 Happy Birthday my sweet Mailey Anne! I'm so blessed to be your mommy! You have such a beautiful, sweet spirit about you and I am so thankful heavenly father sent you to me! I love you to the moon and back! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Easter?

My "vision" of Easter morning went a little like this: the girls would wake up between 7:30 and 8:00 AM like they usually do, they would then check out their Easter baskets, eat breakfast and get ready for church and wear their new poofy pink dresses uncle Mitch bought them. We would go to church, have pictures with their cousins in their Easter duds, and then have dinner and Egg hunts with extended family. The day was going to be magical and the girls were going to have a great day.

I should have known the night before things weren't going to go as planned when the Easter bunny almost got busted putting baskets together when a certain 3 year old decided to wake up because she was thirsty. The Easter bunny quickly hid the gifts before the said 3 year old busted her. In the process of getting up, the 3 year old woke up the {almost} 1 year old. They were both originally in bed at a reasonable hour but then were up far too late after awaking at only 10pm. After the prolonged interruption the tired Easter bunny returned and finished her work before going to bed. She still had thoughts of Easter bliss in her head. 

 Well part of my day went as planned. Makenna woke up at 7:30 and Mailey at 8. They looked at their Easter baskets. Makenna was sleepy but happy.
Mailey was a little crabby at first but perked up when she played with her Easter goodies.

All was well until Makenna proceeded to yell "I have to go bathroom!" We made to the bathroom on time but she had diarrhea (TMI, I know). We recently found out that she is lactose intolerant so I assumed that the little bit of cheese on her taco from the night before must have been to much for her. That was mommy fail #1 of the day. We proceeded to get ready for church until we heard that sound, that awful sound, the one of your child throwing up. All. Down. The. Hallway. I got her cleaned up, took her temperature {100.9}, had her swish some water around in her mouth & spit, and gave her some zofran {miracle drug!} and later some tylenol when the zofran kicked in. Since she was running a fever I ruled out food poisoning and figured she had a virus that we would all soon get {lovely}. Nick and the girls stayed home from church and I went to sacrament meeting and dropped off the things I needed for primary before coming home. By the time I got home from church Makenna had perked up a bit and seemed to be feeling better. We opted to not share our germs with our extended family and stayed home from the big Easter egg hunt and dinner. Makenna thankfully didn't have anymore vomiting but she had diarrhea through out the day. She had mentioned that it hurt when she went potty, and even cried while sitting on the toilet. Mommy fail #2 I assumed it was because she had diarrhea and her bottom was sore from that. Other then when she was on the potty she seemed better. Not 100% better but better. Since she had perked up we had our own little Easter egg hunt. That was fun at least! 

Mailey enjoyed her first egg hunt and Makenna loved it too! 

Attempt #1 at getting a picture together, fail! 

 Blowing bubbles! 

Attempt # 2 = better-ish

After the egg hunt and naps, I took Makenna potty, she just had to pee this time. She started to go, immediately stopped and began to hysterically cry telling me that it hurt. I felt so awful that I blew her off earlier when she said it hurt to go potty. Poor baby! I had multiple UTI's (urinary tract infections) as a child and I knew right away what her pain was from. We ended our day in the emergency room and sure enough she had a UTI. They said that vomiting is common in young kids with a UTI and diarrhea can be the cause. As sad as I was for her, I was really happy she didn't have the flu.
Our day wasn't the magical day I had imagined. The girls didn't even get to wear their poofy pink dresses from Mitch. As I was thinking about the day I remembered that Easter isn't about the egg hunts, the poofy pink dresses, or my children not feeling well. It is celebrating the resurrection and the life of our Savior. Happy Easter!