Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sabin Family Photos

While we were on stay-cation we had family photos taken. It was a beautiful day and our photographer found an awesome setting. Here are some of my favorites!
From left to right: Taylor, Amie, Sherrie, Larry, Brook, Nick, Makenna, Reba, Kristin, and Ryan
Our little Family
Nick and his siblings, Kristin, Brook, Amie, and Taylor
Ryan and Kristin
My favorite! Such a cute photo of my sweet girl.
Grandpa and Grandma with Makenna.
Thank you for planning family pictures Sherrie. They turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! We love them!
These pictures are courtesy of Melissa Kilner Photography

Mitchell's Special Day

Last weekend my brother Mitch had the opportunity to go to the temple for the first time. It was a beautiful day in Seattle and we had a wonderful time getting to be with him in the temple.
My Dad, Mitch and Mom
Garrett, Dad, Mitch, Mom, Grandma Judy, Grandpa Pinky, Me, Kenna and Nick
Mitch with his friends Janie and Harold
Mitch with Grandma and Grandpa
Aaron and Carolyn were there to but had to leave early for a family emergency before pictures were taken but they were there!!
Mitchie, we are so proud of you and your decision to go to the temple! We love you!
If you would like to know more about our church and what we do in the temple click HERE


The day before Brook left for his mission, the whole Sabin clan gathered in Ellensburg so everyone including Nick's grandparents could say their final goodbyes for two years to Brook. While everyone was together we took the opportunity to take a few generation shots with Grandma and Grandpa Sabin.
They aren't glamour shots by any means but they will be pictures we will cherish forever. Thanks for being such good sports Grandma and Grandpa!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ellensburg Rodeo Parade 2011

Every labor day weekend the rodeo and fair come to Ellensburg and turn this little town into a bit of a crazy, crowded place. It's fun for the weekend but I think I can speak for all Ellensburg residence that we are happy when our small little town returns on Tuesday as the visitors leave town. The parade is always Saturday morning and it is a tradition to go with my whole family.
Alice was the cutest flag girl ever!
My Grandma Dorothy and my Dad with Carys and Kenna at the parade.
My cute girl! It was cold when we first left in the morning so I brought a hat that she refused to take off even when it warmed up but she looked cute.
My wonderful Gram!
Our cousin Allison, the best/cutest Kittitas cheerleader.
My mom is running for fire commissioner and she had some shirts made for all of us and the kiddo's. These pictures are both cute and promotional. From Left to right, Ally, Jared, Carys (front), and Kenna.
Sweet baby Carys!
Holding hands!

Brook's farewell Party

Brook left a couple of weeks ago for a his mission. Before he left, Nick's parents and a some of their friends put on a great party for him. Here are few of the pictures from the party.
Sherrie as usual made a delicious spread of food!
We miss you Brook but we know you're gone for a good cause! Have an incredible time in Rio De Janeiro! We'll see you in two years!

Blowing bubbles

Makenna loves Auntie Amie. Nick got a few good shots of them playing in the back yard and blowing bubbles.

Stay-cation Part 2

Every summer in Olympia, the local children's activity museum puts on a big event called Sand in the City as their main fundraiser for the year. They bring loads of sand in and their sponsors make incredible sand sculptures. They have tons of activities for kids, especially kids that are around 3-10. It was a lot of fun and best of all it was free, with donations for the activities.
This one was my favorite, a winnie the pooh one. The character's we pulling Pooh Bear out of rabbit's house.
They had several sand pits for kids to play in. Nick briefly showed her how its done and she went to town. She LOVED the sand and was a very sad girl when we left.
Thanks Kristin for the tip on this place! It was really fun!