Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread is a family favorite for the Rhodes family and is a tradition at our house to eat on Christmas morning so I thought I would share our tradition with you. I always thought that it was called Monkey Bread because my Dad always called us kids his little monkeys but I found out last night as I was googling for a picture it is the actual name for this recipe.
1/2 Cup Sugar
1 TBSP Cinnamon
in a large freezer bag
2 Cans Refrigerator biscuits
into fourths and add to the freezer bag
until covered well and Place in a greased bunt pan
3/4 Cup Butter or Margarine
1/2 Cup Light Brown Sugar
to butter, mix well and pour over biscuit pieces
Bake @ 350 for 30-34 min
You can also add nuts or raisins to the Monkey Bread but I prefer it without.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

So Many Things

I'm playing catch up! One big thing is we finally got a car!!! Woohoo! We ended up getting a Nissan Pathfinder the day before Thanksgiving. We love it! Its alot of fun having an SUV. I have been meaning to post about this for a while now but I keep forgeting to take a picture when it is clean. Oh well!
What we have been up to:
We of course celebrated Thanksgiving
Nick and Mitch decorated the outside of our house
And I decorated the inside
We went to Leavenworth
I helped Mom get ready for her and Dad to go on a hot date. After all of these years they're still so in love!
My primary (sunday school) class came over, we decorated cookies and went Christmas caroling
Jared and Cooper (My cousin) Played with Papa's new train set. The picture was just too cute to not post
I learned how to make cool blog title scrapbook pictures
Just a little tip: export as JPEG and you can put it in place of your blog title and its FREE!
It has been a busy couple of weeks. It always is around the Holiday's but time just really seems like its flying this year! Only 6 more days until Christmas and only 2 more weeks until Nick finishes his internship and is FINALLY HOME!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So the other day my good friend Linda let me know of all of the awesome musicals that will be coming to Seattle this coming year and I am so happy to announce that WICKED is coming to the paramount in September and I can hardly wait! Nick and I have been tentatively planning a trip to LA (its the closest show location to us) for quite a while so we could see this show and of course go to Disneyland but this makes me so much happier that it will be so much closer to home! I must admit however, that the music will not be the same without Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel but it will still be awesome! Some of the other shows that are coming to Seattle are:
I just thought I would share my excitement with you. I'm affraid that I may be spending all of my extra money to see shows this coming year. Anyone want to double date sometime in Sept to see the show?