Monday, October 14, 2013

Pumpkin Patch and Mini Cheer Camp

Friday was a busy day! First thing in the morning Makenna's preschool had a field trip to the pumpkin patch. Her teachers did such a great job putting the event together. They had so many fun things for the kids to do and everyone seemed to have so much fun! 
Hal the balloon man. He is so talented.
 Mrs. MacRae and Makenna
 Face Painting!

 Part of the fun was that all of the classes got to be together and we found Libby and Casen!
 Nana joined us at the pumpkin patch. We were so happy she came!
 Pony rides
 Practicing her Rodeo Princess wave!
 Scarecrow Kenna!
 Corn Maze
 Mailey was a little overwhelmed and wasn't thrilled about much, she didn't even want to ride the pony.
 Makenna and her buddy Reese. They have so much fun together!
 She finally got happy when she picked out a pumpkin!
 And she licked it.... weirdo!
 Reese and Kenna. Aren't they so cute?
 Our Family on the hayride!
 Dr Lundy sang songs and played the guitar with the kids. He did a great job!
 Eating pumpkin cookies and singing songs.
 "I'm a little teapot"
 "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
 Mrs. Robertson and Makenna
 Friday afternoon Makenna attended a mini cheer camp with her friends and cousins. They had such a great time and they were so dang cute! They had a clinic in the afternoon and then performed during halftime at the high school football game.
Libby, Makenna and Avery. BFF's!
 My cute little cheerleader.
 Makenna and her cousins Addy and Skylee.
 Her assigned cheerleader Kristin. She was so great with the kids!
 Practicing her dance moves.
 "Hi Mom!"
 Here they come!
 Go EHS!
 "They are clapping for me!"
  She loved her big Cheerleaders! Makenna was mad when we went back up in the stands. She kept yelling "I want to go down there with the big cheerleaders! They need my help!" LOL!
 Libby, Kenna and Casen!
 Cousins Dailey and Skylee
 Kenna with her cousins!
 Our happy spectator!
 And the mischievous one...
It was a busy, busy but fun day! Makenna hardly made it out of the stadium parking lot before falling asleep. That's a lot of excitement for a 3 year old!


ericksonzone said...

What fun! The pumpkin patch trip looked like a hit. MaKenna sure made a cute cheerleader. That's fun that they let them come down and cheer with the big cheerleaders. Fun! Fun!