Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 Years

Happy anniversary my love! It has been a great 5 years together. I love you and I can't wait for to spend the rest of eternity with you! Here's to us and our future on this crazy ride we call love. Cheers!

A Little Girl and Her Daddy

This little girl loves, loves, LOVES her Daddy. Her face never lights up for anyone as much as it does when Nick walks through the door after work. The little primary song "I'm so glad when Daddy comes home" is her new favorite song. I like to sing it to her before he gets home and she laughs and giggles and couldn't be more excited to see her Daddy at the end of his work day.
"I'm so glad when Daddy comes home, glad as I can be.
I clap my hands and shout for joy, then climb upon his knee.
Put my arms around his neck, hug him tight like this
Pat his cheeks and give him what?
A great big KISS!"
It warms my heart to see the two of them together. I hope their special bond lasts forever!

Bath Time!

Our favorite time of the day!

Picnic Fun in Salmon La Sac

Cute kids, good food, beautiful setting, perfect weather, great family; one great day!

Weekend in the Harbor

Weekend before last we took a trip to Gig Harbor for a quick visit. Makenna was the loved spending time with the family and was the life of the party. She so desperately wanted to keep up with the big kids that she refused to go to sleep until almost midnight. Here she is playing with the "big" kids.
Playing peek-a-boo barn with Uncle Taylor. Lounging with Auntie Amie and playing with her necklace. Uncle Brook made an excellent jungle gym. Several weeks ago Makenna started sitting up by herself and is now a pro!
Brook left for BYU this last weekend so we had our final goodbyes on Sunday night. Good luck at school Brookie! We will miss you! See you Thanksgiving weekend!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Makenna and Finn

Sweet Mr. Finn and his wonderful parents Kristl and Aaron had to go back to Indiana a couple of weeks ago. Before they left we did a photo shoot with the two babies. They won't see each other until Christmas and I can't wait to see how they interact.
Great Grandpa Pinky and Great Grandma Judy with the newest great grandchild and the newest grandchild. Makenna wanted to hold his hand so badly but he didn't really seem to care either way. I have a feeling as they get older she will continue to be the bossy one and he will just be laid back.
Holding hands
We miss you already Densley family! We can't wait until Christmas, the countdown is on!